A 90 mile walk across the glorious high country of the Yorkshire Dales
A Dales High Way Walk: a 90 mile walk across the glorious high country of the Yorkshire Dales

A Dales High Way


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Superb DHW route and extension 

From: Anne and Ian Brown
Date: 12 Aug 2014

Thanks to Tony and Chris for an excellent pair of guides. It is a really good idea to separate the route finding information (which is very clear on the maps) from the background information (which really adds to the enjoyment).

We enjoyed the Dales High Way immensely and were surprised that so few people seemed to be walking it. Routes like the Cumbria Way are heavily marketted abroad and attract many foreign visitors, but in our opinion the Dales High Way is more attractive, and more easy to follow.

We extended the route by taking an extra day in Settle to climb Pen-y-ghent and visit Hull Pot. At the end, we continued past Appleby to Dufton - a very attractive village beneath the Pennines.

We thoroughly recommend both the Route Guide and the Companion book.  

Cows on the Dales Higway

From: Liz Madge
Date: 25 June 2014


We finished part of the Dales Highway from Chapel le Dale to Appleby last week.  We had excellent weather and we enjoyed it.  However, there were lots of cows in the final section.  There were bulls in one field and also mother and calves.  The poor condition of the ground makes it difficult to get away from them if need be.  I would recommend taking the road route between Great Asby and Appleby.

Thanks, Liz

We're loving our Dales High Way walk

From: Chris
Date: 16 June 2014

I'm really enjoying walking A Dales High Way with the AS Coaches Walking Group from Nidderdale. Led by Amanda Burton and using her coach for transport, we are walking a section on alternate Saturdays. Here we are arriving at Stainforth after a wonderful walk over from Malham.

AS Coaches group at Stainforth

Re: Walking the route on Saturday 17th May

From: Lee Senior
Date: 24 May 2014

Here as promised is a brief rundown on how I went on the walk.

Started 17th May and walked from Saltaire to Skipton
18th May - Skipton to Settle
19th May - Settle to Ribblehead
20th May - Ribblehead to Sedbergh
21st May - Sedbergh to Appleby

Managed to do the 90 miles in five walking days and all the route in glorious sunshine, with not a spot of rain all the way.

I got back home to West Yorkshire via the last train from Appleby on the Wednesday eve (18.56) having walked the 23 miles from Sedbergh - This is probably two days walking in one day!  I left Joss Lane, Sedbergh at 08.31 and arrived in Appleby at 18.05 and my feet were on fire when I arrived at the end!!

I must say since I've got home - it has rained every day! I've been very lucky.

The route is fantastic and a credit to you both. It is well put together and it can't have been a quick process to research it all? The scenery is glorious though and although I knew bits of it from day walks there were many new areas too.

I think the Turner Lane, Addingham diversion is better than the original (I've done that before and knew it was wet on the Millennium Way).

Incidentally, I've kept my timings for this route.  If you would like them - you can certainly have them. I realise 18 miles per day average is going it some and I don't normally flog my feet to death in this fashion! That's one thing about being on your own - it allows you to set your own pace.

I definitely enjoyed the route (my 9th LDP) and I will recommend it.

Many thanks again

Dales Highway - May 2014

From: Aaron Barnes
Date: 18 May 2014

Finished the Dales Highway on Friday in glorious weather.  

Started in Saltaire on the 8th May and have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful route, even if I haven't enjoyed some of the not so wonderful May weather, especially when I was (mostly) staying in a tent! 

Surprisingly, not too many grot spots and a nice varied walk - the route has been so well thought out.

Look out for the blog which I will hopefully get up over the next few weeks.

A bit of good news as well, the pub "New Inn" at Hoff has reopened (Wed 14th May). Although it's close to Appleby it was a very pleasant (and much needed) surprise to find it open.

A special mention to a few places, Conder Farm Campsite in Dent, and Low Greenside Campsite in Ravenstonedale for their wonderful locations, and the Howgills Bunk Barn.  Quite simply one of the finest bunk houses I have ever stayed in.

Thanks again for a wonderful walk.


Walking the route on Saturday 17th May

From: Lee Senior
Date: 4 May 2014

I'm walking the whole 90 miles Dales Highway route starting from Saltaire on Sat 17th May, going as far as Skipton on Day one.

Sunday will be the first train to Skipton then walking to Settle.

Monday - Settle to Ribblehead

Tuesday - Ribblehead to Sedbergh

Wednesday - Sedbergh to either Ravenstonedale or Appleby (depending on the weather)

(Thursday can be used to finish if Weds finishes at Ravenstonedale)

I've been let down by someone who was going to accompany me. So I will be on my own apart from on the Saturday.

If anyone fancies joining me for the whole route, or part of the route, you are more than welcome. There is of course the option of a pint or two at the end of each day!!

I live in West Yorks and will be using the train for the first four days and to return back from Appleby at the end.

My email address is: yorksmale2003@yahoo.co.uk

Many thanks for reading


Muddy fields above Skipton

From: Tony
Date: 5 March 2014

Just walked the section above Skipton today, enjoying the start of Spring. The fields are still quite muddy though, particularly just beyond the golf course, where the farmer has been busy removing an old wall and fence to replace it with a new fence, in the process making a bit of a mess of the footpath, which runs alongside the fence (see picture below).

New fence just past golfcourse above Skipton

I would advise anyone setting out on this section in the near future to make use of the alternative route through Skipton Woods and then alongside the Grassington road to the Craven Heifer pub. The latter is not as interesting, but the going underfoot is good. The first bit through Skipton Woods is lovely, especially at this time of year (see photo below).

Skipton Woods

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